Data Centers

Cisco TXDC2

Expanding their reach

An “Active/Active” facility

  • Tier III+
  • 175-mile per hour wind resistance
  • 100 KW photo voltaic array

The TXDC2 Data Center is a mission critical production data processing facility which is part of a global deployment initiative. Corgan designed the first of these paired data centers for Cisco, TXDC1, in 2008. These facilities expand Cisco's reach, extend their capabilities, and support their new and future system platforms. While each data center is part of an “active/active” arrangement, each facility must operate on its own and provide continuous operational capacity at a Tier III + guided level. The site perimeter is screened by continuous landscaped berms and secured with non-climb impact rated fence and vehicle barriers.



With worldwide reach and influence, Corgan understands the architectural design needs of today’s data centers so clients can make confident, informed decisions about their investments. We know the mechanical and electrical systems from the architectural aspect of the building and our dedicated experts combine broad technical experience and design sensibility to deliver data center designs with leading-edge innovation.

From the first ground-up reservation facility in the world in 1979 to the largest LEED Gold Certified freestanding data center in the nation, Corgan’s Data Centers Studio has spent years studying the engineering systems at the core of these projects.


More than 22.5M square feet of data hall design