North Texas Children’s Hospital Inpatient Renovation and Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic

North Texas Children’s Hospital Inpatient Renovation and Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic

  • Size: 40,000 SF inpatient renovation; 27,000 SF outpatient finish-out
  • Project Type: Renovation
  • Services Provided: Programming, planning, architectural and interior design services, construction administration and commissioning
  • Six month total design and construction schedule

The two facilities are the result of successfully merging two independent program cultures into brand new facilities, while delivering both projects within six months; design to construction. To accomplish this, the design team used an innovative and collaborative discovery process, establishing a set of guiding principles for the team: FUNful, Warm, Cutting Edge, Collaborative and Efficient. With a focus on the shortened timeline and budget constraints, the design team applied inventive architectural solutions that simulated a natural environment to create an engaging space to feel like outdoor play and provide positive distractions. The "FUNful" concept was also incorporated into the staff and support space to ensure a seamless and supportive continuum of care for the patients, visitors and staff.


We believe that the built environment impacts quality of life. From arrival to diagnosis, we our sensitive to the patient journey and incorporate the latest research related to improving their experience and outcomes.

We approach healthcare design by partnering with you and your team to identify the needs of staff, patients and their families.  From the equipment and regulations to interior spaces and parking facilities, we understand the operational, clinical and financial objectives to ultimately provide a facility that is beautiful, compassionate and intuitive.

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