Keller Center for Advanced Learning

Keller Center for Advanced Learning – Keller ISD

  • Size: 200,000 SF
  • Number of students: 1,300
  • Services provided: Full service planning, architectural and interior design services
  • Project type: New construction
  • 2018 Outstanding Project, Learning By Design

The Keller Center for Advanced Learning connects students to the global society, engaging them through state-of-the-art technical career training. The overall model for the school was designed in partnership with local business leaders. Students are given the opportunity to obtain certifications and provide valuable services to community patrons. Public career pathways have a storefront presence along the central spine, and are branded with varied materials, and include locations to showcase student work. Shared indoor-outdoor maker-spaces connect industrial pathways. Large and small open areas fitted with USB outlets, writing and projection surfaces and flexible furnishings foster ongoing collaboration between strands, promoting innovation and interpersonal skills. The design team transformed the existing traditional aesthetic into a high-tech design that attracts prospective students and represents the dynamic activities within. A science deck allows robotics and STEM students to test their creations, and an herb garden caters to culinary students. The master plan includes space for a dog run and criminal justice training.