Bulova World Headquarters

Brand showcase reflects a rich history

Engaging Customers and Employees

  • 29,235 SF
  • Iconic History
  • 30′ Diameter floor mural
  • Art deco inspiration



Finding a space that reflected the rich history of Bulova and was recognizable to their worldwide clientele was important. This desire ultimately led Bulova to select the Empire State Building as the home for their new world headquarters. Bulova’s desire was to create an interior space that communicated, to employees and visitors alike, Bulova as a modern, classic and relevant company. Accomplishing this modern aesthetic within an older building required a careful balance of interior planning, design and forethought. The ultimate goal was to create a strong connection between the Empire State Building’s undeniable legacy and Bulova’s modern design aesthetic, leading to increased collaboration between its employees and engagement with its customers.

To watch a timelapse of the floor mural installation, click HERE.