The Beat

Just south of downtown

Loft-style living

Corgan was chosen to provide full design services for the loft-style Beat condominiums located in the heart of one of Dallas’ oldest industrial neighborhoods. The 11-story building was the first in a series of planned developments for the entire city block. The project is geared toward the middle income price range, rather than most other condo developments in the area which are geared toward the luxury market. It was one of the first to develop south of downtown. The 75-unit condominium includes all the major functions of a residence tower, including an amenities deck, pool and two-level parking structure.


In addition to Corgan's core areas of expertise, specialization project types include museums, performance halls and production studios, multi-family residential, retail, hospitality and non-traditional learning spaces.

Our distinct style is your unique vision. You won't find us recycling previous design concepts. Collaboration is in our DNA.  We listen. We design around your needs. We do what we say we're going to do. That's the basis for our success; and that's why we have long-lasting relationships with our clients.