Corgan supports the continued development of its people. The better you are, the better we are. That’s why the resources we provide are carefully targeted to help you with every aspect of your career - communication, leadership, creativity, and technique. You have access to our reading library, extensive sample library, and a broad, in-house continuing education curriculum that ranges from contract negotiation to the art of hand sketching. Beyond the classroom, Corgan hosts a variety of study sessions, seminars, workshops, crits, lectures, and peer group reviews. Together, these resources promote an entrepreneurial spirit that pushes the boundaries of science and art, technology, and design.


Registration Exam

Prepare for your exam by building office study and support groups to easily share study tips and habits with fellow colleagues. Our recently registered architects will also brainstorm success strategies and create action plans with target dates for accomplishment. Corgan will also assist you with IDP requirements and identify a mentor who is right for you. Corgan will pay 100% of exam fees for the first exam and provide time off to take exams.

State Licensure

Following one year of employment, Corgan will pay 50% of state registration fees.

Leed Accreditation

Following six months of employment, Corgan will pay 50% of LEED Green Associate exam fees. At this time, Corgan will also pay 50% of either LEED AP Building Design + Construction or Interior Design + Construction exam fees. We also provide you with the time off to take the exams.

Professional Associations

Following two years of employment, Corgan will pay 50% of annual dues for national, state, and local AIA, ASID, IBD, CSI, and IIDA.

Corgan University

We believe you should never stop learning, which is why we offer opportunities for continued education through Corgan University. Classes are free and include topics like applied practice and design, communications, and leadership and management. This program is designed to promote the ongoing development and growth of our craft within our culture of mentoring and knowledge sharing, offering countless methods of learning: live and online courses, peer interactions, project-based learning, webinars, podcasts, and more.

Lunch and Learns

Corgan hosts presentations by vendors for different construction and interiors materials and systems. The various companies presenting are vetted to ensure that only those with educational benefit are included. Continuing education hours, which are required for professional memberships, may also be gained through these seminars. In some cases, Corgan will pay a percentage of fees for continuing education and/or seminars. Staff are encouraged to bring along a lunch and attend the session to stay up-to-date on the latest materials and processes.


Toastmasters provides a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which, in turn, foster self-confidence and personal growth.


Sketchmasters reacquaints participants with basic mark making skills and hand-eye coordination to strengthen our effectiveness as design communicators.

Friday Forum

Every Friday afternoon at 4:30, a design presentation is made to all staff. This typically involves a project currently in design, which gives the architect and designers an opportunity to present their work in a larger forum and receive design critique from staff members not involved directly in the project. Other design presentations are made by outside guests or by key figures in the firm, focusing on design philosophy and methodology.


Hugo is a virtual space representing Corgan's pervasive ethos of discovery and insatiable curiosity. Named after the birthplace of our founder, Jack Corgan, Hugo represents the birthplace of ideas and innovation - the spark and source of our sense of wonder, curiosity, and creativity.

Corgan Create

CorganCREATE is an initiative to foster creativity and thought leadership that builds value for our firm and addresses ongoing changes in our profession as they relate to the built environment. CREATE allows employees to test and develop new ideas. We are curious and creative by nature, and CREATE provides an opportunity to explore.

Design Applications Committee

The Design Applications Committee mission is to focus on firm wide BIM initiatives, Revit team training, resources, and development of best practice workflows.


Want to solve the complex design challenges of tomorrow? So do we. That’s why we invest in resources that advance our craft, elevate our practice, and shape our future. Our toolkit includes state-of-the-art modeling, visualization, and construction technologies meant to advance our design through imagination and experimentation.