New Parkland Hospital

Patient-centered new design

Landmark Medical Campus

  • HDR+Corgan joint venture
  • 2.5 million square foot campus
  • 17-story main hospital building
  • 862 patient rooms

The HDR+Corgan joint venture began work on the new Parkland Hospital in 2009. The 2.5 million square-foot campus will feature a 17-story main hospital building with 862-patient rooms. The complex is designed to be visitor and staff-friendly, with clear pathways, multi-level parking, private patient rooms and a wellness park accessible through the hospital itself. The hospital and attached Women's and Infants Specialty Hospital incorporates evidenced-based design and has a goal of LEED Silver Certification. This landmark medical campus will serve the community for decades into the future.


We listen. We design. We collaborate.

Our spaces inform guests, direct the public, comfort patients, facilitate staff and doctors, and celebrate life.  Corgan partners with you and your team to define a truly appropriate and viable solution for your facility. Then, we measure every inch of space against the demands of the building's users; the elements that challenge it; and the land that it inhabits to achieve optimal functionality.

Modifying, expanding or developing new healthcare facilities requires an integrated and multi-tracked planning approach. From the equipment and regulations to the interior spaces and parking facilities, we understand the operational, clinical and financial objectives.


Over 120 healthcare design projects in last 3 years